The Buddhist Trader

At The Buddhist Trader, we like to think that we’re a bit different. We’re a bit different to the average trader as we think differently to the average trader. We don’t focus on the trades that you make, we focus on YOU – the trader. By helping and mentoring YOU to have better “Inner Success Strategies” then YOU can deliver those better results that YOU aspire to achieve.

The Buddhist Trader offers advice to those looking to improve their trading, but more valuably we offer support through mentoring YOU to greater success.

So, go on, fill out the form to the right and see how The Buddhist Trader’s strategies can help YOU!

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Mentoring enhances your performance as a trader and develops you as a person through the attainment of new knowledge and skills. My mentoring reduces stress, provides inner harmony and balance and mental clarity.

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Your psychology is your greatest trading edge: Harness techniques to balance your mind and bring peace to your (trading) life

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Create harmony and peace in your trading environment to support your mind and body and perform with less effort, more joy and increased motivation to be your best

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