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Create harmony and peace in your trading environment to support your mind and body and perform with less effort, more joy and increased motivation to be your best

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  • Free webinars

FREE Webinars For Traders And Investors

September 19th, 2017|0 Comments

Knowledge is power. The world of trading and investing is changing faster than ever before with the big paradigm shift we are undergoing here on planet earth. The new free webinars for traders and investors series focuses […]

  • Questions

Three Important Questions Traders Never Ask Themselves

September 17th, 2017|0 Comments

…yet, if they did their performance would increase manifold…

The first of the three important questions traders never ask relates not to the markets but to themselves. Do you ask yourself at the beginning of your […]

How Guided Meditation Reveals “Your Truth”

August 31st, 2017|0 Comments

Distinguishing  truth from the many illusions masquerading as truth is key finding peace and ultimately purpose in one’s life. It requires that you go beyond what you know and open your mind to a very different experience, because […]

How To Regenerate Your Brain

August 25th, 2017|0 Comments

Until approximately 20 years ago it has been firmly believed that our brains do not regenerate themselves. Today neuro science has not only shown us compelling evidence that you can regenerate your brain, it has […]

What Clients Say

Your Buddhist Trader is excellent. you have brought an important and unique perspective to a task that eludes most traders – and that task is focus and purpose – direction and meaning. very excellent.
Jake Bernstein,
This book is a must read in every trader’s education and preparation for the markets. Mercedes Oestermann Van Essen’s words echo like a bell in the trader’s mind, coming from an actual trader and trading psychology coach.
Mario Kfoury, CFTe, Executive Committee Member, Lebanese Society of Technical Analysts (LSTA), Beirut, Lebanon
Working with Mercedes has helped me achieve a much higher level of self awareness. I am undoubtedly a better trader and a better person than before I met Mercedes

Michael Anastasio, Professional Trader, New York
2015 ended up being the financial year I have had. I can’t recommend Merc highly enough
Marios Stratis, Professional Sports Trader & Investor
With Mercedes’ guidance I have become much more self aware and more importantly, self-accepting person. As a coach she has been a great help to me.
Alan Hirsh, Professional Trader, New York