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Transformational Guided Meditations Academy

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Join the Transformational Guided Meditations Academy and start manifesting  increased harmony and balance in your career, your relationships and your overall well being. This subscription service is  a fortnightly on-line meditation class for professionals who are looking to  improve the quality of their lives and expand their consciousness. Transformational guided meditations are the most powerful  way I know of to create lasting changes in a neuro friendly way. This  type of meditating feels incredibly good too



The Transformational Guided Meditations Academy for investors, traders and entrepreneurs

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How do you stop living in survival mode and become the creator of your life? How do you live in joy, vision and peace  rather than living in fear, stress and lack? Most professionals make decisions from a need to survive rather than from  the joy of consciously creating their  lives.

Habitual automatic incorrect thinking breeds  impatience, criticism, judgment and fear. These energies are draining and slow down the attainment of your goals.

The Transformational Guided Meditations Academy evolved from a meditation practice I designed for a group of professional New York Nymex traders a few years ago. All traders felt a measurable benefit from the regular meditations designed specifically for traders within a short time of meditating daily.

The practice of regular transformational meditation gets you out of  habitual survival thinking into creative, inspirational thinking.

It is scientifically proven that just one negative thought pushes the brain temporarily into survival mode. 75 % of our habitual thinking is negative. By contrast  when you train your mind to think  in possibilities the mind goes into harmony. When your brain is out of balance the different parts of the brain stop communicating with each other, you cannot make sound decisions.

Brain in-coherence has become normal in today’s world.

Regular transformational guided meditation retrains your mind to think  positive and more expansively. The technique creates mental harmony, increased mindfulness and inner calm, freeing you from unconscious negative thinking that pushes the brain out of balance.

Regular transformational meditation teaches your brain and body to feel the energy of harmony, certainty and expansion.

I know that you make your investment decisions from a need to protect against a rainy day instead from the joy of creating an enjoyable adventurous journey where opportunity is the driving force. Fear, greed and impatience skew most investors and most traders decisions. Brokers and financial advisers act from the same unconscious emotions.

Brain scans of meditators revealed that the mind does not know the difference between something imagined or real.

Therefore when you train your mind to think habitually expansive thoughts your brain builds new neural pathways. Before long your life begins to mirror the new thought patterns. You will notice feeling calmer, even in challenging situations. The constant need to react is replaced witmore patience and inner confidence. Impulse behaviors reduce.

Imagine naturally focusing on the things you want rather than habitually, unconsciously focusing on what you don’t want

Transformational Guided Meditation transforms habitual, unconscious limiting thinking into habitually unlimited thinking. Regular transformational meditation makes you more intuitive, creative and more sensitive to the energy inside you and around you.

By far the quickest way to learn a new skill is to learn to think and feel differently.

Think of the Transformational Guided Meditation Academy classes as learning a new skill.

Make it an essential part of your trading plan, your daily routine to get you started every morning.

# Spend 45 minutes every Monday with me in group meditation

# Learn to identify and softly focus on your goals

# The meditations are recorded. You are asked to listen to the meditations between meditation classes

# The group energy remains anchored in the recordings adding energy to align  your heart and mind to embody the energy of your dreams as if they were reality right now each time you listen.

# Your mind loves the stimulation of a new all be it similar meditation each week.

I know that most of you cannot even begin to imagine what it would feel like to feel the energy frequency of your goals as if they are already reality. The transformational guided meditation classes teaches you how to do this.

The Newtonian model is slow, cumbersome and outdated. It requires hard work because you are using matter to change matter.  By the time you have achieved your goals you are  exhausted.

There is a better way:

Transformational meditation trains your mind to access the quantum field and maintain the energy of your dreams, you are using your energy to change matter.

Working hard towards a goal keeps  you in a lower energy frequency. Living in an energy of  your goals as if they have already manifested raises your personal energy frequency to the higher energy frequency of your goal. Now the quantum field can “read” you and deliver your goal in three dimensional form.

Regular transformational meditation trains your brain to retain the higher frequency of your goals in all your activities.

Your mind begins to act as if the goal had already been achieved. Many traders I have worked with have transformed their trading performance with regular meditation alone.

An untrained mind has great difficulty to live in the energy of your dreams.

The challenges of life get in the way.   Once you learn with regular meditation not to be influenced by the circumstances around you, your life will improve often dramatically and almost magically.

The new energy frequency  emerging on our planet right now requires that we learn vibrational ALIGNMENT

Vibrational frequency is the ONE creative force that brings dreams into reality. The  Transformational Meditations Academy assists you to align with the higher energy frequencies and maintain them while you trade, negotiate a deal, or during any other activity. The group energy of the meditation classes adds fuel to your goals and intentions.

Neuro science has shown that regular meditation, particularly when it is performed within groups of like minded individuals, brings about noticeable transformational change for the participants, their families, close associates and friends.

Experience extra ordinary emotions during meditation and create an extra ordinary life

I have done it and can tell you from personal experience that meditation changes your state every time you meditate. Practice is the secret ingredient that brings noticeable change over time.

Adverse events can happen to anyone in life. You have nor influence over the actions of the people around you. However, when you change how you react to adversity you will notice how quickly it transforms into new opportunities. This is a skill you cannot learn with your logical mind, it is a skill that emanates from your inner being. Meditation hones  your ability to regulate your emotional state and align with your inner being at the highest level.

The Transformational Guided Meditations Academy has the power shatter your old reality and bring out your natural creative mastery. Fear recedes, limiting thinking is replaced with expansive thinking and seeking of opportunity naturally. You become lucky, you don’t catch the colds and flues, you find that perfect property, the ideal partner, the ideal job.

Everyone has this ability to co-create their reality. It is a choice, I want you to experience transformational meditation because it feels so good and is very powerful.

Don’t let habitual excuses get in the way. You have the time, and you have the money. The Transformational Meditation Academy is not expensive.

The twice monthly Transformational Meditation Academy meetings are recorded so that you can access them if you are not able to participate live. The energy is locked in the recording, so you will get the full benefit when you listen to the recordings.

Learn to feel your own energy and the energy around you

Become more self aware and notice earlier when  energy changes.  Regular meditators can change their energetic and emotional state almost immediately at will. Would that be a useful skill to develop? Personally I think it is the most important skill anyone can develop.

Pyramid energy amplifies the Transformational Guided Meditations. It is our direct link to source

Pyramid energy is transmitted during the group meditations. The energy of my pyramids further strengthens the energy. The energy of the group meditation has been proven to increase the harmonious energy, thus benefiting everyone on the group and beyond.

The weekly meditation on-line class will raise your energetic frequency permanently over time. It aligns you with the influx of higher vibrational energy on the planet.



The evolution in my own awareness and capability even if I think it was all there already, but hidden, has been amazing for me. And where will it go? The group meditation, especially live, is something so powerful you just can’t wait for the next one. I have no idea where it will go but it’s a fabulous journey to enjoy and appreciate without searching to understand.  John Pendry


Thank you for the meditations. I find them very powerful. Listening yesterday to the repaly of Monday’s (meditation) a Christmas card arrived (in February) with a present of a nice cheque! Amazing.  Jerry S. Independent trader U.K.


I think the meditation classes are fantastic. I have been regularly doing Headspace meditations (I don’t know if you’ve heard of them) but only for 20mins per day and I struggle to maintain focus but with yours, an hour goes by without my even noticing! I haven’t managed every day but several times a week and this has been hugely helpful in maintaining my peace of mind and clarity in everyday life.

It certainly increased my emotional awareness and has made it easier to ascertain whether I’m in the right emotional state to trade or not.

A good example – last week I placed a trade (a normal tirade like every other) and turned to do something else but there was a niggling feeling that something wasn’t right. I sometimes get similar feelings when I take a sub-optimal trade (a trade that’s to plan but just not A-grade) so tend not to take any notice of those feelings any more or not even register them. My greater awareness on this occasion however made me go back to the trade to check my levels and somehow the default position size was wrong, so I was able to go back and amend the trade. A small example but it shows that even small increases in awareness can have tangible benefits.

Also, I have to say that your meditations have got me back to loving meditating again. Last year I struggled to find consistency because the meditating was getting unpleasantly repetitive and boring and it felt like uphill work…but now I look forward to it – so thank you for that too!

Peter Hiam, full time trader

Frequently asked questions:

How is this form of meditation different?

Guided transformational meditations differ from Zen meditation, TM meditation and other forms of meditation  in three ways

# You are guided to release parts of you that do not serve you and build new habits, emotions thoughts and feelings that are in alignment with your goals.

# They activate the pyramid energy within you which is highly organised and harmonious, thus getting the brain into coherence faster. You go deeper into the subconscious part of your brain if you allow it.

#  The meditations increase mental nimbleness. They align the dominant  frontal cortex, the intellectual, organising side of your mind, and the subconscious part of you brain, the amygdala, with the heart energy. You become whole, more consciously aware and reduce unconscious behaviour patterns…

#  You become less matter and more energy.

I have no experience with meditation is the guided meditation academy for me?

Yes, most definitely. You will benefit greatly from the weekly meditations. The group energy helps to compound the effect of the meditations. Even if you have never meditated before  the group energy will help you to entrain into the new energy. When two or more people come together with the same intent the effect increases exponentially.

Will the meditations be recorded?

Yes, members will receive a copy of the meditation sessions each week.

What if I miss a weekly meditation class?

That is fine. You still have access to the recorded session. I encourage you though to make sure you participate in the live calls. Members have reported that they feel; the energy stronger in the live calls. Also I can tune into the energy of participants and direct the energy accordingly.

How benefits most from this form of meditation?

If you are a financial trader this form of meditation will improve your trading, reducing impulse behaviours, making you more consciously aware of your thoughts, fears and other limiting emotions. I recommend meditations for traders at all levels of experience, from beginning trader, intermediary to advanced trader.

Transformational mediation greatly enhances your negotiation skills. If you negotiate deals on a regular basis you will benefit. Any entrepreneur will greatly benefit from regular transformational meditation enhancing their inter personal skills, negotiation skills, inner vision and creative ability.

Are there discounts available?

Yes: You can  pay $77.00 monthly, or $189.00 every quarter, an 18% saving on the monthly subscription. This is a service with automatically recurring payments. Of course you can cancel at any time before the next payment is due.


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