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Transformational Guided Meditations Academy

From: $77.00 / month

Join the Transformational Guided Meditations Academy and start manifesting  increased harmony and balance in your career, your relationships and your overall well being. This subscription service is  a fortnightly on-line meditation class for professionals who are looking to  improve the quality of their lives and expand their consciousness. Transformational guided meditations are the most powerful  way I know of to create lasting changes in a neuro friendly way. This  type of meditating feels incredibly good too


Product Description

The Transformational Guided Meditations Academy

Monthly subscription Service

Become a member of the Transformational Guided Meditations Academy and meditate with me live on-line twice per month.

Together we go on adventures in consciousness, the magical inner realm where profound life changes happens.

You will learn how to bring your inner vision alive with this powerful transformational guided meditation  in a select group of like minded individuals.

Are you a discerning and caring professional who wants to bring greater harmony, peace and expanded conscious awareness to your business and personal life? Perhaps you feel frustrated by the world’s turmoil over which you feel you have no control?

This new form of transformational guided meditation with Pyramid energy will enhance your self awareness and awaken your deepest sense of self worth and authentic purpose for being here on earth right now.

Transformational guided meditations increase your ability to manifest  your desires because you will learn how to hold the energy frequency of your desired outcome for long enough to create a change in the ether, or in the quantum field as it is called. It also increases your self worth  as you discover  the true essence of your eternal being.

Neuro science has shown that regular meditation, particularly when it is performed within groups of like minded individuals, brings about noticeable transformational change for the participants, their families, close associates and friends.

They key to create lasting changes  is brain coherence and learning to maintain the higher frequency guided transformational meditations induce:

Everyone can learn how to  become more coherent. The secret is REGULAR PRACTICE.

This is where most of us have big challenges, as every day life gets in the way. Memebers of the Transformational Guided Meditation Academy meet every other week on-line for one hour and a half.

I realize that time is one of the biggest factors that stop many professionals to take up a regular meditation practice. I figured that everyone, if they are serious about creating positive life changes  that last can make this time commitment. If you are not willing to do this, the Transformational Guided Meditation Academy is not for you.

The twice monthly practice will help you to make regular meditation a practice.  Guided meditation transforms your life by expanding your consciousness. It encourages new ways of thinking and acting as your vision expands and your mind receives a new magical world the intellectual mind can never grasp. Over time old outdated emotional patterns fall away. You become a new person, literally. When you are a new person energetically your life changes because you are sending out a different energy signature.

Everything in time and space is connected:

In regular meditation you learn to feel your own energy and access and maintain higher frequencies. Order and synchronicity reside in the higher realms. When you can maintain this internal state you will send powerful signals that create change in the quantum field. In this way regular transformational guided meditation speeds up change.

Pyramid energy which is transmitted through my pyramids during these meditations harmonizes and enhances the intent of the meditators. The meditation energy compounds when people meditate in a harmonious group energy like the transformational guided meditations group emits.

If you participate regularly in this group, setting an intention to, let’s say, have a more harmonious relationship with your colleagues at work, the energy of this intention compounds in the group meditation energy, thus creating a swifter  change.

The brain learns best when it is regularly exposed over time to a new energy frequency.

Transformational guided meditations anchor a new higher vibrational frequency in your brain permanently.

Neuro science tells us the we can only create changes that last once a new neural pathway has been imbedded fully and the chemistry in your body has changed in line with the new frequency. In other words: Your body and your mind have to change chemically and that means energetically to become a new frequency.

The brain does not create lasting changes of thinking, feeling and behaving unless it is regularly reminded  regular of the new “instructions” from a different energy and a different consciousness. The Transformatinal Guided Meditation Academy  .

The process is both gentle and transformative, because it primes your brain to kep building new neurological pathways each time we meditate in the group.

The new membership  service is a fully interactive  transformational guided meditations class:

We meditate to  harmonize the energy globally and for individual members. The energies around relationships, family, well being, career and general abundance harmonizes andincreases.

Harmonized group energy compounds the energy we send out into the field exponentially.

Transformational guided meditations will change your life

You will feel a positive energy shift  possibly immediately, after the first Transformational Guided Meditations Academy on-line class. The meditation strategies I am sharing with you are based on neuro science research and known to bring positive changes if you stick with the process.

When your energy vibrates at a higher frequency you have access to more complex and higher levels of information and begin to  attract different events and circumstances into your life.

The fortnightly meditation on-line class will raise your energetic frequency to a new higher vibration permanently over time. It will help you align with the influx of higher vibrational energy on the planet and reduce the impact of the massive energetic fluctuations on your brain. This form of meditation increases lasting brains coherence. When the brain is in harmony and coherent emotional discomfort experienced from toxic and erratic environmental energies greatly decreases.

I feel certain if you subscribe to the Transformational Guided Meditations Academy and participate in the life meetings or listen to the recordings you will experience lasting change,  more peace and inner balance and increased resilience to the outside world

Frequently asked questions:

How is this form of meditation different?

Guided transformational meditations differ from Zen meditation, TM meditation and other forms of meditation  in three ways

# They activate pyramid energy which is highly organised and harmonious, thus getting the brain into coherence faster.

#  They bridge the gap between the dominant  frontal cortex, the intellectual, organising side of the mind and the subconscious part of the brain, the amygdala, allowing you to access the 95%^ of the brain, the subconscious part, from which you lead your life, unconsciously…

#   When the  subconscious mind is accessed and the frontal cortex from which you predominately operate, is calmed down, the heart energy is activated: When you set intentions in this state powerful changes occur.

I have no experience with meditation is the guided meditation academy for me?

Yes, most definitely. You will benefit greatly from the weekly meditations. The group energy helps to compound the effect of the meditations. Even if you have never meditated before  the group energy will help you to entrain into the new energy. When two or more people come together with the same intent the effect increases exponentially.

Will the meditations be recorded?

Yes, members will receive a copy of the meditation sessions each week.

What if I miss a weekly meditation class?

That is fine. You still have access to the recorded session. I encourage you though to make sure you participate.


Pay $77.00 every month or $189.00 every quarter (18% Saving) This is a service with automatically recurring payments. Of course you can cancel at any time. There are not partial refunds if you choose to cancel the discounted three month subscription service early.


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