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Transformational Guided Meditations Academy

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Join the Transformational Guided Meditations Academy and start manifesting  increased harmony and balance in your career, your relationships and your overall well being. This subscription service is  a fortnightly on-line meditation class for professionals who are looking to  improve the quality of their lives and expand their consciousness. Transformational guided meditations are the most powerful  way I know of to create lasting changes in a neuro friendly way. This  type of meditating feels incredibly good too


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The Transformational Guided Meditations Academy for investors, traders and entrepreneurs

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How do you stop living in survival mode and become the creator of your life  rather than living in fear, stress and lack? Most professionals make decisions from a need to survive rather than from  the joy of creating their  lives. Transformational meditation gets you out of  habitual survival thinking into creative, inspirational thinking.

It is a scientifically proven fact that you get what you consistently focus on. Limiting, negative thinking throws your brain off balance. The different parts of the brain stop communicating with each other.

Most of us focus unconsciously  over 75% of the time on the things we don’t want. Brain in-coherence has become normal.

You probably don’t even know what it feels like to be in harmony and make your business decisions from a place of harmony, expansion, opportunity and the inner knowing that you are going to achieve your goals even though they haven’t materialized in three dimensional form as yet.

I know that you make your investment decisions from a need to protect against a rainy day rather from the joy of creating a adventurous journey where opportunity calls the shots. Habitual fear, greed and impatience skew most investors and most traders decisions. Brokers and financial advisers are in the same boat. You focus on avoiding something rather than focusing on creating a new reality with inner certainty and integrity while enjoying the process that gets you there. Transformational Guided group meditation feels incredibly good.

Isn’t it time that you took your attention away from all the things you don’t want and focused on the things you do want?

Transformational Guided Meditation is an immensely effective form of meditation which will transform you, as the word suggests. Regular transformational meditation teases your mind into creative focus away from survival focus.

You do NOT have to work harder, or learn a new skill. You have to learn to think and feel differently

 Spend 60 minutes every fortnight with me in group meditation: The group energy assists you to align  your heart and mind to receive and embody the energy of your dreams as if they were reality right now.

I know that most of you who are reading this cannot even begin to imagine what that would feel like, let alone get into the state of making your dreams feel real. The transformational guided meditation class teaches you how to do this. You will learn to hold your attention long enough so that your new energy can be  answered by creative source. Your brain and creative source don’t care about whether your dreams are “real or just imagined. If the emotional feeling is strong enough and the focus maintained for long enough you create an electro magnetic force field around you which sets the manifestation of your desires in motion.

The Newtonian model is slow and cumbersome. Hard work will get you what you want, alas by the time you have achieved it you are too exhausted to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

There is a better way:

Transformational meditation trains your mind to access the quantum field and maintain the energy of your dreams, rather than living in the energy of working towards them.

The two are very different things. If you are working towards something you are in a lower energy frequency. If you live in an energy of  gratitude for the outcome you desire you are in the higher energy frequency of your goal. To the universe it feels as if the goal had already happened.

Regular transformational meditation teaches your brain to retain the higher frequency in all your activities. The longer this frequency is maintained the more powerful the signal, the faster your goals become reality. This is the magic of the quantum model in action.

The Transformational Guided Meditations academy will train you to access and live in the energy of your dreams. When you live in the energy of your dreams as if they are reality the field will bring this reality into your life. Most people have great difficulty in turning this concept into practical reality and live it in their working and personal lives. Yet, once you do, your life will change dramatically and almost magically.

The new energy frequency  emerging on our planet right now is no longer about working harder it is about vibrational ALIGNMENT.

Vibrational frequency is the ONE creative force that brings dreams into reality.

You tune into the energy of your desires as you are guided to receive instead of to react to circumstances.

The group meditation assists you to receive energy. When you practice meditation daily to remain in the energy of your desires transformation happens. It must be that way, because it is a universal law which has been proven in many experiments with meditatiors.

Pyramid energy boosts the innate beneficial energy of the the higher frequencies during meditations

Transformational guided meditations will speed up the manifestation of your desires as you learn to hold the positive energy frequency for longer periods.

Neuro science has shown that regular meditation, particularly when it is performed within groups of like minded individuals, brings about noticeable transformational change for the participants, their families, close associates and friends.

Transformational Guided Meditation teaches you to BE the energy of your desires

The transformational Guided Meditations Academy teaches you to remain in the energy of your desires. I first developed these meditations for a group of traders. The traders all experienced a noticeable reduction in fear, anxiety and impulse behaviors within a two or three weeks of starting to meditate daily.

You will learn how to raise your energy with breathing techniques and chakra alignment meditations.

The person who is living their full potential doesn’t wait for something to occur, because they have the inner knowing that something amazing will occur. Can you imagine how that could feel like for you?

You will experience extra ordinary emotions during meditation and create an extra ordinary life once you have built the habit of overcoming your habitual self.

I have done it and can tell you from personal experience that meditation changes your state every time you meditate. Of course practice is the secret ingredient that brings noticeable change over time. You will create the synchronicities that bring better relationships, wonderful career opportunities, more energy and improved health if you choose to.

The Transformational Guided Meditations Academy has the power shatter your old reality and bring out your natural creative mastery. Fear recedes, limiting thinking is replaced with expansive thinking and seeking of opportunity naturally. You become lucky, you don’t catch the colds and flues, you find that perfect property, the ideal partner, the ideal job.

Everyone has this ability it is a choice, I want you to experience this from of meditation because it feels so amazing.

Don’t let habitual excuses get in the way. You have the time, and you have the money. The Transformational Meditation Academy is not expensive.

The twice monthly Transformational Meditation Academy meetings are recorded so that you can access them if you are not able to participate live. The energy is locked in the recording, so you will get the full benefit when you listen to the recordings.

Learn to feel your own energy and the energy around you

Become more self aware and notice earlier when  energy changes.  Regular meditators can change their energetic and emotional state almost immediately at will. Would that be a useful skill to develop? Personally I think it is the most important skill anyone can develop.

The pyramid energy is our direct link to source

Pyramid energy is transmitted through my meditation and space harmonizing pyramids during the group meditations. Group meditation increases the harmonious energy benefiting everyone on the group and beyond.

If you participate regularly in this group, setting an intention to, let’s say, have a more harmonious relationship with your colleagues at work, the energy of this intention compounds in the group meditation energy, thus creating a swifter change. Anchor the energy of love and the connection to creative source permanently and shatter the box of your old life.

The new membership  service is a fully interactive  transformational guided meditations class:

You will be invited to join my private Transformational Meditations FaceBook Group where you can ask question,  and share experiences. I check into the group regularly to answer your questions and requests for specific meditations.

The fortnightly meditation on-line class is guaranteed to raise your energetic frequency to a new higher vibration permanently over time. It aligns you with the influx of higher vibrational energy on the planet.

You will experience the beautifully harmonizing energy of pyramid energy in the Transformational Guided Meditations Academy and raise your consciousness to extra ordinary new levels of coherence and clarity and create better lives for yourself and the planet.

Frequently asked questions:

How is this form of meditation different?

Guided transformational meditations differ from Zen meditation, TM meditation and other forms of meditation  in three ways

# They activate pyramid energy which is highly organised and harmonious, thus getting the brain into coherence faster.

#  They bridge the gap between the dominant  frontal cortex, the intellectual, organising side of the mind and the subconscious part of the brain, the amygdala, allowing you to access the 95%^ of the  subconscious part of the brain, from which you lead your life, unconsciously…

#   When the  subconscious mind is accessed and the frontal cortex from which you predominately operate, is calmed down, the heart energy is activated: When you set intentions in this state powerful changes occur as you become less matter and more energy.

I have no experience with meditation is the guided meditation academy for me?

Yes, most definitely. You will benefit greatly from the weekly meditations. The group energy helps to compound the effect of the meditations. Even if you have never meditated before  the group energy will help you to entrain into the new energy. When two or more people come together with the same intent the effect increases exponentially.

Will the meditations be recorded?

Yes, members will receive a copy of the meditation sessions each week.

What if I miss a weekly meditation class?

That is fine. You still have access to the recorded session. I encourage you though to make sure you participate.

Are there discounts available?

Yes: You can  pay $77.00 monthly, or $189.00 every quarter, an 18% saving on the monthly subscription. This is a service with automatically recurring payments. Of course you can cancel at any time before the next payment is due.


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